Enhanced Grip Module Features

Functional beaver-tail

A beaver-tail that hugs the shooting hand to stabilize the hold.
The downward angle of the beaver-tail is designed to wrap around the shooting hand instead of going away from it - it helps the shooter stabilize the pistol.

Over-molded rubber panels

Rubber back-strap and finger grooves to improve grip and comfort.
The Enhanced Grip Module features over-molded rubber panels in the back and the front of the grip. It improves the grip without compromising comfort.

Frame serrations

Index finger and trigger guard serrations for easier grip acquisition.
The grip is designed to help acquire the target and keep on it with speed and consistency.


Size: Enhanced Grip Module is compatible with Compact, Carry, Full, X-Carry and x-Five configurations. It is NOT compatible only with the Sub-Compact slide.
X5 features compatibility: Grip Weight and Magazine Well from the X-Five fit the Enhanced Grip Module.
Holster compatibility: The grip module is compatible with all current holsters that fit P320 pistols except for Sub-Compact.
Serial number window compatibility: The Enhanced Grip Module has an enlarged serial number window to accommodate the M17 serial number with the micro code.
Slide lock: The Enhanced Grip Module is compatible with both Gen 1 and Gen 2 slide locks, eliminating the need of a new part when upgrading the grip module.