What's wrong with P320

When Sig Sauer announced the release of their first striker-fired polymer pistol, the P320, I got really excited. I have been fan of Sig for a while. In fact, my very first pistol was a 40 cal P229. While most shooters begin with a .22 lr, I started learning to shoot with .40 s&w. Needless to say, it was love at first shot with Sig. I shot and bought other guns, but Sig remained my favorite. So my expectations were pretty high for the P320.
A friend of mine was in the market for a 9mm pistol, and his choice fell on this particular gun. As soon as it arrived, we headed to the range. I was really looking forward to getting one too, but I that's not how it went for me. I must say that comparing my P226 SAO to the new and P320 made me feel a little disappointed. I could not quite put my finger on it, but something felt wrong.
I wanted to like it, and it shot very well, but I just could not figure out what was it.
It is not in my nature to give up easily. I gave it another try and another and another... And then one day, while shooting over 10 different pistols side-by-side, it hit me. P320 shot better than others. It had a much more natural point of aim, easier target acquisition, faster shots and tighter groups. But, the grip did not feel good in my hands. That was the moment of truth, when all became clear. It was like a great sports car with a wrong set of tires on it.
My quest began for a better solution. Stay tuned to see where it got me.