The Quest to the Final Design of the Enhanced P320 Grip Module

The most amazing thing about the time that we live in is the availability of software and tools to visualize your product. From the first 3D-printed prototype, we have gone through 23 versions of revisions and updates. Some of them were good and positive, while some others were dead-end endeavors. The beauty of the process is that we didn't have to dispose of hundred-thousand dollar tools with those attempts. It was time, sweat and a relatively cheap 3D-printed prototype that we could revise and discard along the way.
After a while, the picture has become clearer - what we wanted, what worked and what was needed to address the shortcomings of the original grip module. We have set a few parameters. The new grip module had to be comfortable, it had to improve shootability, help with accuracy, and look cool.
Comfort. This is where it started for me. Some other competitor guns felt good in my hand. And even if they didn't shoot as well, they were comfortable to hold. This is where it all starts. If something is not comfortable, most likely you are not going to enjoy it - be that shoes, clothes or gun grips. We wanted the grip module to feel natural in your hand. Comfort is defined by shape of the grip, material and surface finish.
Shootability. I know it's not a real word, but you know what I mean. Hand position, grip technique, how easy it is to properly grip the gun. How well it comes up, when you bring it up on target. Does it point where you want naturally, or do you have to twist your wrist to get it to aim right? Is it fun to shoot, or is it a laborious effort that causes you pain. What other features can improve your performance? Additional features that help you better perform.
Accuracy. It is the culmination of comfort and shootability. If it feels good, and if it improves your overall experience, you will see it on your targets. We have conducted multiple tests, comparing the results of stock grip modules with our prototypes, with all other variables remaining the same. Many shooters have shown improved results. We have seen tighter groups and faster follow up shots. It didn't just feel better, it shot better.
Looks. P320 is a really fine weapon. It would not serve it well, if the grip module wasn't esthetically pleasing. The grip module becomes a part of the weapon, and we have made efforts for it to also look good.
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