Finding a Solution to my P320 dilemma

People have said that I have soft paws. When your day job does not require hard physical labor, your hands are usually not rough and callous. This makes you much more picky in selecting the grip of a handgun. I'm also not one of those shooters who shoot thousands of rounds per week, and can get tight groups out of a stick. So proper grip is a matter of comfort and improved accuracy for me, as it is for most.
P320 grip module was not a good fit for me. And I realize that I am probably in the minority here, because if it's good enough for the army, why not for you. However, I just wasn't ready to give up yet. With most other pistols that would be an impossible obstacle to overcome. You see the competitor's pistols have the internal mechanism mounted into the grip. And to make things even worse, that is the serialized part of the weapon. This makes all modifications more limited and permanent in nature. Sig Sauer has given us a gift - a modular platform. With P320, you are not limited to just one caliber and one slide length and one grip size. The options and variations are truly limitless. You can have a 15-round small-sized Compact grip module replaced with a 17-round Carry grip in large. And to make it even more fun, you can have a full-size slide that would complete this set-up. But the best part is that tomorrow you might want to reverse the process and change the slide to Compact size. You can do it and still have the "same" gun, because your fire control unit is the same, keeping your trigger press consistent through all these changes.
Since the grip module is not a serialized part, it opens the door to experiment and development. I started with drawings, photoshop and my daughter's play dough. Shortly after that that I was able to get my first prototype printed on a 3D printer. But it was just the beginning of a fun and challenging journey.